Reducing the Burden of Diabetic Foot Disease

"Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the world, a limb is amputated as a result of diabetes"

- Cover of The Lancet November 2005

25% of diabetics will develop an ulcer

1 in 4 diabetics will develop a foot ulcer at some point in their life. The risk increases with the presence of complications such as peripheral neuropathy.

75,000 amputations per year

An average of 75,000 amputations are performed on diabetics each year in the USA. Every one of these are preventable.

$17 billion per year

The total cost of treating diabetic foot ulcers in the USA has been estimated to be over $17 billion. The average cost per ulcer is $17,000 with amputations often costing a multiple of that.

Number 1 cause of hospitalisation for diabetics

Diabetic foot ulcers are the most common cause of hospitalisation amongst diabetics. Healing times can be anywhere from 2 weeks to over a year.

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About Us

Reducing the burden of diabetic foot disease

Founded by medical device engineers Chris Murphy and Simon Kiersey, Bluedrop Medical is focused on developing and commercialising an internet of things enabled device which can predict the formation of diabetic foot ulcers.

Bluedrop Medical’s device enables diabetic foot ulcers to be detected early; when treatment is easier and outcomes and costs are greatly improved.

The home based device performs a daily scan of the patient’s feet and sends the data to the cloud for analysis through advanced algorithms capable of detecting abnormalities. By detecting ulcers early, the technology can prevent hundreds of thousands of amputations, improving lives and saving healthcare systems millions of euro each year.


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Chris Murphy

BSc Product Design

MSc Biomedical Engineering
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Simon Kiersey

BEng Mechanical Engineering

MSc Biomedical Engineering
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Paul Gilson

Founder Novate Medical

Founder Veryan Medical
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Gavin Corley

PhD Biomedical Electronics

Founder/CTO VasGard


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