Our Story

Bluedrop Medical was founded in 2015 by Chris Murphy and Simon Kiersey and is headquartered in Galway, Ireland. The company exists for one simple purpose – To help end unnecessary diabetic amputations. Through extensive in-clinic primary research, former Medtronic R&D Engineers, Chris and Simon learned of the tremendous burden caused by diabetic foot ulcers and resultant amputations.

Leveraging their experience in life sciences and medical devices, the founders developed a concept for a product that would help to replace the feedback mechanism people with diabetes experience after the onset of peripheral neuropathy. The product would enable users to easily scan their feet to collect temperature data and high-resolution images that could be used to determine if their feet were at risk of developing an ulcer. After spending significant time with individuals affected by diabetes and their healthcare providers, the concept was refined to provide an elegant, yet simple-to-use solution for preventing diabetic foot ulcers.

Our Team


Chris Murphy - CEO

Visionary entrepreneur, patient advocate and innovation leader

Chris founded Bluedrop Medical with goal of preventing avoidable diabetic amputations. His passion for this stems from a desire to deeply understand users and develop products that are simple to use and solve real pain points. Chris leads by example, leveraging his expertise in product design, biomedical engineering, and medical device commercialization to build Bluedrop into a relevant and sustainable business. He has raised over $15M to date make this vision a reality. He’s an Irish winner of James Dyson design award and regional winner of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur award.


Simon Kiersey - COO

Dynamic business leader, with expertise across the medical device innovation lifecycle

As co-founder of Bluedrop, Simon oversees a vast array of functions aimed at ensuring Bluedrop can fulfill its mission of preventing avoidable diabetic amputations. A former Medtronic engineer, Simon provides leadership in the areas of lean manufacturing, sourcing, regulatory, vendor management, distribution and enterprise project management. His keen intuition, attention to detail, and proactive management style have been critical to the development of Bluedrop thus far and will ensure Bluedrop is well positioned to achieve its business objectives prospectively.

Dr Ron Scott

Dr. Ron Scott – Medical Director

Passionate, Accomplished Wound Care Leader and Innovator

Dr. Scott is a true pioneer in modern wound care. In 1985, Dr. Scott established the first comprehensive, fully integrated wound treatment facility in the North Texas area; one of the first such facilities in the United States. He is a founder and prior president of the Society for the Art & Science of Wound Management, and has driven innovation in care pathways and therapeutics, while mentoring others in their pursuit of delivering better wound care. Throughout his illustrious career, he has championed progress towards better value based care for wound patients and continues that pursuit with Bluedrop by ensuring our solutions meet the clinical and practical needs of the patients we serve.


Gavin Corley - CTO

Customer-centric innovation leader, focused on intuitive, useful solutions

Gavin leads up all aspects of development of our game changing solution, from hardware and software to Artificial Intelligence. 13 years’ experience leading medical device development projects. Former CTO in electronic wound device startup VASGARD Medical. Former editor at Medgadget. PhD in electronic devices for the treatment of chronic wounds. Former Analog Devices and Valeo Engineer. 5 patent applications, 15 journal publications, and 8 clinical studies.


Chris Sandroussi - CCO

Accomplished GTM and commercial leader, driving broad access and adoption

Chis oversees our go to market and commercialization strategies, leveraging his extensive background in digital health, wound care and healthcare reimbursement. Prior to joining Bluedrop Chris spent several years with KCI/Acelity leading various operational, commercial and strategic functions. Following the acquisition of KCI/Acelity by 3M, Chris lead 3M Global Medical Solutions Strategy and Business Development.

Our Partners & Investors

Atlantic Bridge
Furthr VC

Careers at Bluedrop

Bluedrop Medical’s device can enable diabetic foot ulcers to be detected early; when treatment is easier and outcomes and costs are greatly improved.