Clinician Resources

For clinical support please call the following number or complete the form.

Simply complete the order form here and either fax to (469) 331-0533 or send a secure email to

Email us at and we can provide information on options for your patient.

Bluedrop should contact the patient to confirm contact information and coordinate shipping with 1 business day of receiving a complete order.

In most instances, we will engage the patient directly to ensure behaviors consistent with maintaining healthy feet, however, there may be times when clinical intervention is needed. To do this effectively, we will contact you or your nominated staff following the your first order submission to confirm preferences for receiving reports that would highlight abnormal observations.

Generally, you will receive scan information only in instances where a patient requires your attention. If additional scan information is required, please reach out to your Bluedrop representative or send an email to

We will follow an internal compliance engagement process directly with the patient and engage with you if the patient requires further intervention to promote compliance.

Generally, we are contacting the patient at the beginning of the program to ensure complete information for shipping. Then, we conduct a brief onboarding and education call with them to ensure effective set-up of the device and an understanding of how the monitoring program works. From there, we only contact them as needed. See our engagement guide for more information.

We are working directly with health insurers and other financial risk-bearing institutions to minimize any cost to the patient and provider. If you have any questions regarding reimbursement or coverage, please contact us at

New Patient Education Brochure (English)

New Patient Education Brochure (Spanish)

Bluedrop Monitoring Solution Brochure

Bluedrop Order Form (Printable)