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Frequently Asked Questions

If it has been more than a week since your doctor prescribed the OneStep Foot Scanner and you haven’t heard from us, please email us at

If your device came with a plug in modem, plug that in first and wait 5 minutes before plugging in your OneStep Foot Scanner. It will automatically connect and you should see “Ready” on the scanner display.

if your device did not come with a modem, plug in your OneStep Foot Scanner. Wait approximately 1 minute then look for the Bluedrop Medical network in your wireless network list. If you need help finding your wireless networks, click here for Apple and Android (page 29). Tap the Bluedrop Medical network and enter the password for your home wifi. This will allow your device to connect to your home wifi. Once complete, you should see “Ready” on the scanner display.

It is recommended that you place the scanner on a hard surface. Do not place it on thick carpet.

The scanner can also be used from a seated position. Place your feet in the required locations, ensuring good contact with the glass surface. Do not move your feet while the scan takes place.

Yes, please let your Engagement Specialist know the days that you will be gone so he/she is not trying to reach you while you are away.

No. The OneStep Foot Scanner has been prescribed by your doctor and only you should use it to send your foot scans in each day.

We are working directly with health insurers and other financial risk-bearing institutions to minimize any cost to the patient and provider. If you have any questions regarding reimbursement or coverage, please contact us at