Check your feet daily in under 1 minute!

Your doctor has prescribed the Bluedrop Medical OneStep Foot Scanner and EveryStep Monitoring Service to help keep an eye on your feet. As you know, it’s important to check your feet regularly to find any problem areas that could result in a foot ulcer. In fact, doctors have published studies that show checking your feet and measuring the temperature can prevent up to 70% of ulcers!

Simply step on the scanner once a day for 30 seconds. It will take pictures of your feet and measure your foot temperature, then automatically send that information to Bluedrop.

A Bluedrop expert will review the information and alert you if they see anything that might need your attention. If they see anything that your doctor should know about, they will alert them as well.

Getting Started is Easy

Look for a package with the Bluedrop Logo to arrive a few days after your doctor prescribes.

Position your new OneStep Foot Scanner in a dry place away from direct sun and plug in. Remember, always leave your scanner plugged in!

Connect to the internet using your smart phone. You will need your wifi network name and wifi password.*

*If your scanner came with a plug in router, refer to the Quick Start Guide in the box to connect.

When your scanner says Ready, take your first scan!