A simpler way to check your feet, in less than a minute a day.

Evidence shows regular inspection of the feet can greatly reduce the risk of developing a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU). But for many, this can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve developed an easy way to check your feet at home, in 30 seconds a day!

“Enhancing the connection between patient and wound care provider”
Diabetic foot disease – one of the most devastating complications of diabetes

25% Develop An Ulcer(1)

1 in 4 people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer at some point in their life. The risk increases with the presence of complications such as peripheral neuropathy.

86,000 amputations per year in USA(2)

An average of 86,000 amputations are required each year in the USA as a result of diabetic foot ulcers. The majority of these are preventable.

$17 Billion
Per Year(3)

In the US, the annual cost of treating diabetic foot ulcers is $17 billion. The average cost per ulcer is $17,000 with amputations often costing a multiple of that.(4)

40% re-ulceration per year(1)

After an ulcer heals approximately 40% of patients will develop a second ulcer within 12 months.

Photographic Images

Thermal Data

Weight Tracking

Our patented technology is the world’s first home use device to enable a thermal and visual assessment from a single daily scan.

We use clinically recommended techniques

Standard temperature monitoring shown to prevent 70% of diabetic foot ulcers in 3 clinical trials.(5,6,7)

We make it easy to use, and
combine with visual imaging


6-18 Month Period, n=483

Time is critical – We allow immediate care

If a hot spot is detected, visual assessment by a clinician is required

Time is critical. Delays lead to ulcers, delays lead to amputations

Our HD images allow remote visual assessment and remote care by a clinician, as soon as an issue arises

How it Works: For Patients

All it takes is 30 seconds a day
Used in the home, the patient simply stands on the device for 30 seconds and goes about the rest of their day.
A scan of the feet is taken which includes detailed thermal and HD photographic information.
The condition of the soles of the feet will be remotely monitored for the thermal and visual signs of inflammation and skin damage.

*Coming soon: this device is currently not yet approved for use by patients in the US & Europe. Get in touch to find out when it will be available in your area.

Now available in the US. Contact us to learn more.

How it Works: For Providers

Enables remote visual and thermal assessment and remote intervention using HD visual images and thermal data
Monitor for signs of inflammation and skin damage which may signal the onset of a foot ulcer
Population management tools. Longitudinal assessment of thermal, visual, weight and compliance data
Stay connected to your patients post healing and between scheduled clinic visits
We provide full tech support leaving you to focus on better care
May form the backbone of your CMS compliant Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programme

*Coming soon: this device is currently not yet approved for use by patients in the US & Europe. Get in touch to find out when it will be available in your area.

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